[rabbitmq-discuss] why rabbit eating so much memory?

Rubo Liang liangrubo at bytedance.com
Tue Jul 9 15:59:08 BST 2013


My rabbit eats 25G memory, but the queues don't take to much as shown by
this command: 'rabbitmqctl list_queues name messages memory':
Listing queues ...
ha.snssdk.log   695954  16426216
ha.snssdk.log.dispatch  660748  102698808
ha.snssdk.log.output    63573   32800680
ssesion 0       25952
ssesion.log     101     436328
ssesion.output  0       148816

As shown above the queues only take about 150M memory. But the rabbit
process actually takes about 25G.

'rabbitmqctl status' gives me following output on memory:


Why is this and how should I get it fixed?

Rabbit version: 3.1.3
erlang version: R16B01

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