[rabbitmq-discuss] Program crashes in amqp_abort() on HP-UX 11.31

Tony Garnock-Jones tonygarnockjones+rabbitmq at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 14:07:30 BST 2013

On 9 July 2013 08:46, Haster <haster2004 at yandex.ru> wrote:

> Is it enough if I cover reading message by mutex and guarantee that I call
> bind methods only then I don't call read method?

I can't guarantee that, and it sounds difficult (= impossible, probably) to
implement because what if you want to do a bind() while the other thread is
blocked, reading from the socket?

Thinking harder about this, I suspect that only a very few limited kinds of
concurrent use of a connection can be implemented by managing your own
mutexing; to get the full range, there'd have to be very deep
reorganisation of the library's structure to use threads internally. Which
was an anti-goal when I wrote it initially.

My recommendation, then, is to never try to share a connection between

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