[rabbitmq-discuss] Mirrored queues behind a load balancer

James Lewis james.lewis at 7digital.com
Wed Jul 3 18:12:48 BST 2013

Hi Girish, just a disclaimer: I'm no expert and I'm only just going through 
the motions of setting up a HA cluster myself.  However, I think I can 
answer a couple of your questions.


> Likewise, if I manually create a queue on one node, it immediately shows 
> up on the other node as well. 

Not unless you specifically set the queue to be mirrored.   You could 
create a policy that matches queues using a regex (so queues starting with 
a prefix of your choice for example) and once that policy is in place, then 
any queue you declare that starts with that prefix will be mirrored across 
your cluster (assuming you've set your policy to ha-all).  So basically, 
once you've setup a cluster in rabbitmq you haven't setup mirroring.  
You've set up a logical cluster (collection) of nodes running rabbitmq that 
all know about each other.  To implement mirroring you then need to create 
the policy.


> Would that work? Is that the recommended approach?

The clustering guide says yes that approach will work.  However the 
mirrored queue guide talks about master - slave replication which makes me 
think of setting the load balancer up to fail over to a slave in the case 
of a master failure rather than to round-robin the requests to all nodes in 
the cluster...  I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm this.

Hopefully some of that is of use to you!  


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