[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbitmq ssl error when trying to connect

Luis Rodriguez lrodriguez1995 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 3 14:25:03 BST 2013

Dear all,
I am running into issues when trying to establish connection for a single rabbitmq node.
I have a vm running centos with rabbitmq-server and erlang r14b setup..(the node runs fine as single or clustered)(host-only network, no firewall)
I am interested in using ssl encryption (not concerned about validating clients or servers)..
After openning a listening ssl port '5671' (shows as a listening port in the management console:  amqp/ssl  5671)and trying to run the java client example provided in the ssl tutorial (connecting without validating certificates), my broker log shows:

SSL: hello: ./ssl_handshake.erl:249:Fatal error: internal error
error on AMPQ connection <0.1199.0>: {ssl_upgrade_error, "internal_error"} (unknown POSIX error)

my java client error shows:
ssl exception:   received fatal alert: internal error

After trying connection from my root, the following shows:
# openssl s_client -connect hare5:5671
6261:error:14094438:SSL: routines :SSL3_READ_BYTES:tlsv1 alert internal error:s3_pckt.c:1092:SSL alert number 80
6261:error:14094438:SSL: routines :SSL3_WRITE:ssl handshake failure:s23_lib.c:188

any help would be greatly appreciated

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