[rabbitmq-discuss] sorting of list of queues for web management plugin

David Pravec David.Pravec at nethost.cz
Tue Jul 2 16:52:11 BST 2013


i am happy user of rabbitmq for more than year, now using rabbitmq-3.0.3
on debian with web management plugin.

When using API, i can ask for list of queues
sorted by total number of messages, by using url

How can i get web link doing the same thing for web ui???

Every time i want to see overview of my almost thousand queues
sorted by total number of messages, i need to
click 2 times on a 'Total' column name.

It would be nice to be able to configure default sort column somewhere,
and it would be really nice if i could choose the sorting preference
by adding something in the url in my bookmark - or is that even possible 
now and i missed it?

David Pravec

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