[rabbitmq-discuss] pika 0.9.9 Released

Gavin M. Roy gmr at meetme.com
Wed Jan 30 02:46:01 GMT 2013

Pika 0.9.9 is purely a bugfix release addressing issues raised in 0.9.8 and has been uploaded to pypi.

The documentation has been updated with a few more examples and edits for clarification and can found at http://pika.readthedocs.org/


Only remove the tornado_connection.TornadoConnection file descriptor from the IOLoop if it's still open (Issue #221)
Allow messages with no body (Issue #227)
Allow for empty routing keys (Issue #224)
Don't raise an exception when trying to send a frame to a closed connection (Issue #229)
Only send a Connection.CloseOk if the connection is still open. (Issue #236 - Fix by noleaf)
Fix timeout threshold in blocking connection - (Issue #232 - Fix by Adam Flynn)
Fix closing connection while a channel is still open (Issue #230 - Fix by Adam Flynn)
Fixed misleading warning and exception messages in BaseConnection (Issue #237 - Fix by Tristan Penman)
Pluralised and altered the wording of the AMQPConnectionError exception (Issue #237 - Fix by Tristan Penman)
Fixed _adapter_disconnect in TornadoConnection class (Issue #237 - Fix by Tristan Penman)
Fixing hang when closing connection without any channel in BlockingConnection (Issue #244 - Fix by Ales Teska)
Remove the process_timeouts() call in SelectConnection (Issue #239)
Change the string validation to basestring for host connection parameters (Issue #231)
Add a poller to the BlockingConnection to address latency issues introduced in Pika 0.9.8 (Issue #242)
reply_code and reply_text is not set in ChannelException (Issue #250)
Add the missing constraint parameter for Channel._on_return callback processing (Issue #257 - Fix by patcpsc)
Channel callbacks not being removed from callback manager when channel is closed or deleted (Issue #261)


0.9.10 is slated to re-introduce the Twisted adapter and will abstract out frame marshaling and demarshalling to the pamqp library. The goal is to use this library to provide an abstraction around the pure-python AMQP implementation while allowing for transparent use of librabbitmq for performance enhancements. Any future versions after 0.9.10 will be purely bug fix versions until 1.0 which will be used to signify a stable API with no intended backwards-incompatible changes.

I have begun the initial investigation of Python 3 support and believe that by implementing the use of the pamqp library in 0.9.10 it will make it much easier to port Pika to Python 3 without breakage.

As always, if you happen across any bugs, please report them at https://github.com/pika/pika/issues



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