[rabbitmq-discuss] hostname change

Dushin Fred fred at dushin.net
Tue Jan 29 19:56:19 GMT 2013

Funny, I am hitting this issue now, and (of course) at the 11th hour...

In my case, I have created virtual hosts, users (with user-definable passwords), and I am using message persistence.  If the host name changes, a new mnesia db is created, and the old data is not recoverable (as far as I can tell).  

I am using the RABBITMQ_NODENAME environment variable, but that appears to only set the first part of the node name.  Via the admin console, I still see the @<hostname> suffix.  The directory name (under ${RABBITMQ_MNESIA_BASE}) does not contain the @$HOSTNAME suffix, but if I do a recursive grep through the directory, I still find artifacts with my previous host name.  And a hostname reset (and reboot) results in a fresh DB, even if I start the broker by explicitly setting HOSTNAME to the previous value.

Is this expected behavior?  I am gathering it is, from the docs, and given clustering, it may be a non-trivial fix.  But it would be a welcome one, at least for my application.


On Jan 28, 2013, at 9:34 AM, Prabodh Upreti <prabodh.upreti at vce.com> wrote:

> I have a hostname change on a box after install.  I understand I have to do
> a rabbitmq-server restart to recreate the database,log files and start the
> server properly.

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