[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ 3.0.1: Windows, firewall configuration.

Ericsson, Lars lars.ericsson at kollmorgen.com
Tue Jan 29 11:45:02 GMT 2013


Just installed the rabbitmq and having problems with the Windows firewall.

Installing from the https://www.rabbitmq.com/releases/rabbitmq-server/v3.0.1/rabbitmq-server-3.0.1.exe 
it does not look like any FW rules are added automatically at install time.

When running, rabbitmqctl.bat stop, a firewall pops up and I'm able to add FW rules for, in my case,
C:\program files\erl5.9.3.1\bin\erl.exe.

When later starting the service, C:\program files \erl5.9.3.1\erts-\bin\erl.exe, I'm not bale to connect from remote systems.
Checking the FW rules, no rules exist that map, C:\program files \erl5.9.3.1\erts-\bin\erl.exe.
The one manually created for C:\program files\erl5.9.3.1\bin\erl.exe, looks like the same EXE but in a different location.

1) Should the installation add FW rules automatically ?
2) Why are there two copies of the ...\erl5.9.3.1\bin folder installed?

I can see FW discussions in case of clustering, but not for standalone usage of rabbitmq.


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