[rabbitmq-discuss] Securing Messages Over WAN Link

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jan 25 22:39:46 GMT 2013

On 25/01/13 14:21, Dushin Fred wrote:
> I would add that if you care about data integrity, then you will also
> want to include both a cryptographic hash, as well as some sort of
> sequencing information in the payload, so that consumers can detect
> attacks that may have, for example, removed or re-ordered messages.

SSL already provides this. The SSL message transport includes a message
authentication code, using secure hash functions (e.g., SHA, MD5).  SSL
transmissions also include a sequence number so that missing, re-ordered
or extra messages are detectable.

> If you're even more paranoid, you could also roll keys, so that
> compromise of a key at one point will not compromise the
> secrecy/integrity of previous messages, but that is obviously more
> complicated (== more expensive to implement).

Restrict the allowed cipher suites to those that offer forward secrecy
if you care about this. The available cipher suites offered by the
broker can be retrieved with this command:
rabbitmqctl eval 'ssl:cipher_suites().'


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