[rabbitmq-discuss] Trouble starting RabbitMQ on new install.

Scott Turnbull streamweaver at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 19:54:10 GMT 2013

I'm a new RabbitMQ user trying to install RabbitMQ on an EC2 instance in 
Ubuntu.  I've followed the Debian/Ubuntu install instructions and the 
application seems to install in the expected /var/lib/rabbitmq and 
/etc/rabbitmq locations however there is nothing added to /etc/init.d as I 
think is expected.

My problem comes in trying to start the service.  Using the command

> sudo rabbitmqctl start_app

I get the following output:

========= OUTPUT =======================
Starting node 'rabbit at domU-12-31-39-0E-B9-35' ...
Error: unable to connect to node 'rabbit at domU-12-31-39-0E-B9-35': nodedown


nodes in question: ['rabbit at domU-12-31-39-0E-B9-35']

hosts, their running nodes and ports:
- domU-12-31-39-0E-B9-35: [{rabbitmqctl23773,49314}]

current node details:
- node name: 'rabbitmqctl23773 at domU-12-31-39-0E-B9-35'
- home dir: /var/lib/rabbitmq
- cookie hash: TTgDEq/ip10RejnAnWGTAA==

========== END OUTPUT ==============================

Some additional details that may help.

* This is all under the default config, no additional config changes have 
been added.
* when I compare the cookie hash in the output above with 
/var/lib/rabbitmq/.erlang.cookies I see they are different
* No files at all appear in the /var/log/rabbitmq directory

The cookie mismatch and fact that no log files are being generated make me 
expect it's a user/permission issue but I'm not sure what I need to change. 
 The install was done under sudo apt-get as is the execution of rabbitmqctl

I appologize for my newness but would appreciate any insight.
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