[rabbitmq-discuss] shovel status improperly displayed on web UI

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Mon Jan 21 16:45:43 GMT 2013

On 21/01/13 15:03, Fred Dushin wrote:
> For my application intermittently stopping the shovel is a
> requirement in some cases (until we implement scheduled shovels);
> e.g, reconfiguration, bandwidth priority over a WAN, etc.
> I have seen the same internal server error (3.0.1), but the problem
> goes away with a shovel restart, and we are not using the management
> console, except for debugging.

Ah, OK. It's worth pointing out that the bug is cosmetic (and also will 
be fixed in 3.0.2).

> I'd like to start making suggestions about more CRUD management
> operations on shovels through the management APIs, but I need to
> study the mochiweb stuff in more detail.  Has this been discussed
> before?

No. We do intend to do something along those lines, by reworking the 
shovel plugin to be driven by the parameters mechanism, the same way 
federation is in 3.0. So the HTTP bit of that is already done :)

Cheers, Simon

Simon MacMullen
RabbitMQ, VMware

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