[rabbitmq-discuss] no function clause matching amqp_network_connection:handle_message

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jan 18 20:52:24 GMT 2013


On 18/01/13 15:14, Gotthard, Petr wrote:
> when an Erlang client 2.8.7 connection is closed by force (by calling
> gen_tcp:close) we are getting the following message
> gen_server <0.331.0> terminated with reason: no function clause matching
> amqp_network_connection:handle_message({'EXIT',#Port<0.6672>,normal},
> {state,#Port<0.6672>,5,<0.335.0>,131072,undefined,false}) line 57
> According to the source codes the ‘EXIT’ message is really not handled
> in amqp_network_connection. Could this be a bug, or did we do something
> wrong?
> Note we cannot call amqp_connection:close because the link is dead at
> that moment. We only want to close the connection without waiting for
> the heartbeats to discover the link is inactive.

The 3.0.x Erlang client has a 'close' function with a timeout value. 
When the timeout occurs the connection is closed forcefully. That *may* 
do what you want. Give it a try.



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