[rabbitmq-discuss] configure shovel for message throttling

mabra mabra77 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 10:25:21 GMT 2013

Hello !

I have the follwong config:
- there are 10 sites, having its own broker
- there is one central site with one broker
- shovel is used to shovel the messages from the sites to the central node.

There will be an unwished behavior, if the central node network goes first
down and then re-appears. All shovel [and even all other network 
try to occupy the re-esabtlished network connection with causes a ver strong
bottleneck, make the network nearly unusable for some time.

I am looking for settings in shovel to throttle the sending of the messages,
respective limit the bandwith in use. This will not disturb normal shoveling
if the rate is in an acceptible range. But it helps a lot at the message 
on re-connects.

Any hints tips or other help would be really great!



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