[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbitmq boot failure with "tables_not_present"

Zhao, Shanyu shanyu.zhao at intel.com
Thu Jan 17 17:38:39 GMT 2013


>On 17/01/13 00:45, Jerry Kuch wrote:
>> That is indeed a fine way to get rid of your Mnesia contents including
>> clustering info and any metadata that needs to be shared amongst the
>> nodes (queue, exchange, binding, user, vhost, etc. definitions).
>Yes. You could also use 'rabbitmqctl reset'.

I think I used this before. But in rare situations when the clustering config messed up (when the two rabbitmq server appears to be two standalone rabbitmq servers), doing a 'rabbitmq reset' couldn't fix the problem.

>> On the other hand, after you've done it, you've got no really good
>> reason to expect your nodes to act as clustered.
>...unless you have set cluster_nodes in the configuration file.
>> Are you establishing your clusters using the rabbitmq command line
>> tools or by statically encoding their properties in your
>> rabbitmq.config files?
>The stack trace in the OP shows the latter.
>Cheers, Simon
>Simon MacMullen
>RabbitMQ, VMware
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