[rabbitmq-discuss] Performance Issue

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue Jan 15 02:58:12 GMT 2013


On 15/01/13 02:45, Pavel Kogan wrote:
> 1) How many Erlang processes should normally run? - we have arround 100
> queues.

if you only have 100 queues then the 16k+ processes must be something 
other than queues.

You don't appear to have lots of connections, but perhaps some of these 
connections have lots of channels, which are represented by 2-3 
processes each. That's not really a problem per-se, but it's worth 
checking and investigating if that's not what you expect to see.

> 2) What is a good way to upgrade Rabbit seamlessly to production.

Not sure what you are asking here. There are upgrade instructions at the 
bottom of all the RabbitMQ release notes.



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