[rabbitmq-discuss] Performance Issue

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue Jan 15 01:56:42 GMT 2013


On 15/01/13 00:18, Pavel Kogan wrote:
> 1) Rabbit version: 2.8.4

That's ancient. There have been many bug fixes and other improvements, 
including to performance.

Please upgrade.

>      Erlang version: R14B04

That's ok, though R15B03 would be better.

> 2) The other queues are some idle some working (not very hard - up to
> 30-40 message per second).

Your management screen shot indicated 16815 Erlang processes. Unless 
something weird is going on (which is possible, since you are running 
such an old version of rabbit) that means you must have thousands of 
queues. Is that what you are expecting to see?

> 5) We are declaring queue only once on initialization (we are using JAVA
> client).

I only mentioned that as an example. Basically you'll want to make sure 
that on your consuming channel there is usually nothing but basic.acks 
flowing from the client to the broker.



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