[rabbitmq-discuss] log with rabbitmq-client

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Fri Jan 11 11:08:38 GMT 2013

Sorry,Tim, It is my problem that make such unclear question.

I can not get more message, log4j loglevel is debug, and still no exception logged.  I restarted my applications again and again and want to get some log from rabbmit-java-client,but got none.

If it is the application's problem, why my app can get message in early days? What i have done is just restart, no other change.
If it is the rabbitmq's problem, why other application and queue is running whithout any problem ?

At last, I killed the rabbitmq-server process, restart it , and also restart my application again, erverything goes fine. So confused.

My question is , Is rabbitmq-java-client supports any logging compoments?
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