[rabbitmq-discuss] One Producer, X Consumers where X can change

Shadowalker ryan.rajkomar at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 18:22:57 GMT 2013

I need to find a solution to a problem of mine and I thought there might be 
one within rabbitmq so here it is :
I have a manager that, when requested to delete an element from its DB, 
needs to notify all other elements that reference the element it needs to 
delete also no logner reference it.

The main idea to keep in mind is that those references that need be removed 
are not necessarily stored in the same DB (nor same server) as the initial 

So I thought I could use a queue to notify that references to the element I 
want to delete need to be removed. And all element that could have a 
reference to that type of element are set to listen on that queue.

What I'd like to know now is whether I can configure my manager to wait for 
a return "from the queue" (or something else) to be notified that all 
references have been removed.

Manager sends a message to queue Q1.
I can have 1,2,3,more other managers listening on Q1.

Each of them would consume the message and once all of them have consumed 
the message 
I would either send directly a notification to the first manager, or create 
a entry in a queue that the manager listens on so that he would be notified 
that it can delete the element.

Is there anyway to do this ?
Note : the fact that the complete removal of the element is not immediate 
is not an issue ( ex: I can ask for deletion a 11:00 and the deletion be 
effective at 13:00)
Note2 : I've seen the documentation about RPC calls but this is not really 
what I'm looking for and if avoidable, I'll rather do so.



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