[rabbitmq-discuss] Server-Side Limit for a Channel's Unacknowledged Messages

Dave Seltzer dseltzer at tveyes.com
Thu Jan 10 13:54:04 GMT 2013

I have a Queue server which serves messages to business partners. Sometimes
our partners use our "reference message receiver", but other times they opt
to roll their own using one of the many RabbitMQ Client APIs. As a result
of this, some of my partners end up with millions of messages which have
been transmitted and are waiting ACK (usually because software on their end
isn't fast enough to process the data and then ACK it.)

In the past this situation has led to trouble. Either a partner disconnects
and all those messages flood back into the "Ready" state to be
re-transmitted. Or the messages TTL expires (and I don't know how this is

I was wondering if there's a way to set a policy on the broker that would
effectively limit the size of the pre-fetch queue for clients?

Thanks so much!

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