[rabbitmq-discuss] unacknowledged messages.

Mahdi Yusuf yusuf.mahdi at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 15:26:15 GMT 2013


I am trying to diagnose an issue I am having with RabbitMQ that deals with
scheduled tasks (eta). I am aware that messages sent with an eta are sent
off an await acknowledgement in the unacknowledged state.

That being said the following scenario has me quite confused. So lets say I
have fired off 30 eta task which land in the unacknowledged state. Once
they are process they cleared from that state. Using the same rabbitmq
instance I am also processing around a few thousand processes that aren't
eta tasks, but just run through  RabbitMQ and immediately acknowledged as
they are processed.

Now the issue is that i am losing some of the eta tasks that were in the
unacknowledged state and they aren't being processed. What could be
happening here? Ideas? I need for these eta tasks to be fired and robustly

Any help would be appreciated.

Mahdi Yusuf
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