[rabbitmq-discuss] Returned messages when Federation in effect?

Matt Pietrek mpietrek at skytap.com
Wed Jan 2 21:39:07 GMT 2013

I imagine this is already answered somewhere, but I can't seem to locate a
concise answer.

if a client publishes a messages using a routing key that doesn't resolve
to anywhere reachable, should the message be returned to the client via


I'm currently working with 2.8.7 using a topic exchange to route between
rabbitmq instances. The federation looks like this:

client1 <--> master <--> client2

Maxhops is set to 1, and client1 and client2 don't have federation between

Each routing key instance looks something like 'client1.xxx.yyy. or
'master.xxx.yyy', that is, the routing key contains the broker name that
the message is intended for.

If client1 attempts to write a message using 'client2.xxx.yyy', should I
expect to see the message returned to me or is it just dropped on the floor?


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