[rabbitmq-discuss] Migrating from MSMQ:Identifying queue features

mabra mabra77 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 16:59:27 GMT 2013

Hello !

I just made some minor steps to evaluate Rabbit, but I cannot see, if the 
follwoing feautures
are present and probably, someone knows the answer.

I have several apps A, which generates messages with expiration time of 
about 2 hours. I have
several apps B, which evals these Messages. They are sometimes running, 
sometimes not.

Usually the B type is running permanently and in normal operation, it reads 
each message, but
does this by peek-ing the the queue and leave them in the queue.

With MSMQ, each message has a unique id, so, if my app restarts, it can 
just peek tha last
message it has been processsed and then continue peeking the remaining 

I concurrent to the B app, on demand another B is comming to the same 
queue, evealuating
the same messages with our rules.

The is probbaly more a CEP app with a fast temporary store [to avoid 
databases]. This works
exceptionally fast with MSMQ and I am abel to read more then 15k messages/s.

A good note, hint or ref to a doc or something could really help me a lot. 
I am using C#/mono.

Thanks so far an
best regards,


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