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On 11 Dec 2013, at 19:13, PATAR, SAGAR wrote:
> We have 2 datacenters and are planning to have 2 separate clusters ..1 each in a datacenter ..
> We want both the clusters to be active and have a geo load balance between these two clusters..
> Can we have a federation bi directional between the clusters for a queue??

Yes - see the section on "Federating clusters" in http://www.rabbitmq.com/federation.html. From the documentation on http://www.rabbitmq.com/federated-exchanges.html you might also want to look at the section "Can I federate a federated exchange?" as well.

> Also we are planning to have some mirrored queues on each cluster … Can node 1 act as a master for one of the mirrored queue and node 2 acts as master for 2nd mirror queue … or only 1 node acts as master for all the mirrored queues in the cluster ??

You can use the "nodes" policy to deliberately change which nodes are mirror-queue masters. The key thing usually considers though, is how many slave nodes you want to replicate across. But in general, yes, you can (and will) have master queue processes residing on various nodes in the cluster.

> Also we are planning for a durable queues …  let’s say if a cluster is down before the messages get consumed .. and the message has TTL defined … does the TTL continue during the downtime and do we lose the message once the nodes are UP .. or does it resets the TTL??

TTL does not continue during downtime.

> Appreciate all the help..
> Thanks
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