[rabbitmq-discuss] JMS provider in python using RabbitMQ

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Tue Dec 31 13:13:07 GMT 2013

On 31 Dec 2013, at 10:38, Chintan Dave wrote:
> I need to post messages on a JMS queue on a remote server.
> If I am not wrong, RabbitMQ is compliant to JMS v1.1. I want to develop a JMS producer using the python binding supported by RabbitMQ, however I am not able to find any specific reference documentation for the same.

JMS is a Java-specific API, so you won't be able to write JMS (Java Messaging Service) code in python. What you should be able to do is send/write AMQP messages to an exchange using python + AMQP, bind that exchange to one or more queues (using AMQP bindings on the broker) and _consume_ the queued messages from a java client.

> The one's available use AMQP Producer and Consumer.
> Any pointers would be helpful.

If you explain a bit more about the architecture you're aiming to produce, we might be able to offer more specific advice.


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