[rabbitmq-discuss] Shovel with multiple publish_properties oddity

Jason McIntosh mcintoshj at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 16:27:05 GMT 2013

SO I have a shovel configuration I'm trying to get working so I can pass
back the "source-ip".  I'd previously done this with a header and it
worked, but I'm trying to switch to a publish_property so developers can
use headers in their publishes (since me setting the headers in the shovel
config overrides their headers).

With this config, things don't work:
    {rabbit, [
        {vm_memory_high_watermark, 0.6}
, {hipe_compile, false}
  , {rabbitmq_shovel,[{shovels, [
        { 'vhost_queue', [
                  {sources,      [{broker, "amqp://guest:guest@/vhost"}] }
                , {destinations, [{broker,
                , {queue, <<"queue">>}
                , {prefetch_count, 15}
                , {publish_properties, [
                        {content_type, <<"test">>}
                , {reconnect_delay, 30}
                , {publish_fields, [{exchange,
<<"exchange">>},{routing_key, <<"queue">>}]}

        ] }

But if I remove the line "{delivery_mode,2},"  rabbit starts up fine.  If I
remove the content_type entry, rabbit starts up - it's just when both are
there nothing works.  Note, I can set the publish_properties for the
header, e.g.:

{publish_properties, [
{delivery_mode, 2}
, {headers, [{<<"source">>,longstr,<<"${HOSTNAME}">>}] }

Works just fine.  Am I missing something?

Jason McIntosh
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