[rabbitmq-discuss] Access Control required for RabbitMQ and Management plugin

Saurabh Sharma saurabh.infoedge at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 12:53:54 GMT 2013

I am working on an application where i want different users for different
1)I want a user who can publish/consume messages and ack/nack them but not
able to create queue on server . I am able to create this user by giving
read and write rights and No configure rights.
How can i only define rules that i only need user to have

(basically how to create a user only with specific commands)
permissions and not the other permission .

2) I want to hit the Management plugin api for some purpose and it uses
What kind of user should i create to use the api
a) read only [not able to hit the api]
b) read and write [not able to hit the api]
c) read , write , configure [able to hit the api]

if i create the aliveness-test queue on the server by a superuser , will i
be able to hit the api in all other cases [if the queue exist] using a read
only user.

Thanks and Regards
Saurabh Sharma
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