[rabbitmq-discuss] Some sort of non-fatal error in RabbitMQ's SASL log file - what does it mean?

Armen Michaeli michaeli at stcorp.no
Tue Dec 17 14:11:43 GMT 2013

Hello. I have installed RabbitMQ 3.2.2 on two nodes as "Generic Unix" 
distribution from the website. Even though it appears to start 
successfully on both with "Starting broker... completed with 0 
plugins.", on one of the nodes, which is without doubt part of the older 
Linux distribution (Centos 5.10 with kernel 2.6.18, Erlang R12B from 
base repo), the *-sasl.log file is filled with the following:

=CRASH REPORT==== 17-Dec-2013::13:46:01 ===
     pid: <0.145.0>
     registered_name: rabbit_disk_monitor
     exception exit: {undef,[{erlang,min,[10000,733636.590592]},
       in function  gen_server:init_it/6
     initial call: rabbit_disk_monitor:init/1
     ancestors: [rabbit_disk_monitor_sup,rabbit_sup,<0.108.0>]
     messages: []
     links: [<0.144.0>]
     dictionary: []
     trap_exit: false
     status: running
     heap_size: 6765
     stack_size: 23
     reductions: 10891

=SUPERVISOR REPORT==== 17-Dec-2013::13:46:01 ===
      Supervisor: {local,rabbit_disk_monitor_sup}
      Context:    start_error
      Reason: {undef,[{erlang,min,[10000,733636.590592]},
      Offender:   [{pid,undefined},

This may not be a problem in itself, but I am debugging a problem where 
a client connecting to this particular RabbitMQ node, is unable to 
complete a handshake (The client is Celery). This may be Celerys fault 
of course, but on the other RabbitMQ node where the log doesn't list the 
above, the connection works fine, so I am suspecting the above having 
something to do with the handshake failure.

Meanwhile, I will try to juggle between different Erlang versions to try 
to get to the bottom of this, but maybe some of you guys can spot 
immediately what went wrong here?

Thank you.
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