[rabbitmq-discuss] Blocking connections - during load tests

Billy Stack bs.stack at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 09:41:25 GMT 2013


We are experiencing difficulty when performing load tests on one of our 
applications that uses RabbitMQ (via the .NET client).

Using JMeter with 30 concurrent threads we started to hammer our 
The memory high-water mark was reached after a couple of hours.

Once this was reached the applications rabbitmq connection changed to 
status "blocked".
Also, subsequent new connections go to status "blocking"
For some reason, two other connections seem to be "running"

The question I have is we then stop the load tests, the server does not 
recover, is this as expected?
Is the problem the number of channels that we seem to have open for the 
load tests (i.e. 734)?

Any help greatly appreciated

Billy Stack

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