[rabbitmq-discuss] When rabbitmq is clustered with one other node we see a very slow dequeue of messages

James james.eddy at us.thalesgroup.com
Wed Dec 11 00:43:53 GMT 2013

Simon MacMullen <simon at ...> writes:

> On 06/12/13 21:29, James wrote:
> > Result: CLIENT_A0 continues to publish at 1MSG/sec, after net_ticktime
> > CLIENT_A1 is dequeueing much less then 1MSG/sec and falls behind.
> Thanks for a detailed description of the issue. Just to let you know 
> that I've reproduced this.
> Cheers, Simon

Hi Simon. Thanks for the update.

Where you also able to observe the other issues that occur in this state? 
Such as:
* rabbitmqctl cluster_status/list_queues/list_connections/list_exchanges all 
hang, rabbitmq status does not hang
* declareQueue, declarePassiveQueue, declareExchange, declareExchangePassive 
all hang

One last thing I wanted to add to this. When I run this on average hardware 
(4 core 2GHZ, x86, 8GB ram) the issue is still seen, but not as noticeable. 
When I run this on much more modest hardware (PPC 2core 1GHZ 1GB RAM) The 
issue is several of orders of magnitude worse, but otherwise this lower end 
hardware is sufficient for the message load.


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