[rabbitmq-discuss] When rabbitmq is clustered with one other node we see a very slow dequeue of messages

James james.eddy at us.thalesgroup.com
Fri Dec 6 01:12:14 GMT 2013

Here's an example of the slowness with Mnesia debug on:
The "Got mnesia down" occurs when nettick expires.

 [x][DefaultConsumer] Received 'hi-155' ..
 [x][DefaultConsumer] Received 'hi-156' ..
 [x][DefaultConsumer] Received 'hi-157' ..
 [x][DefaultConsumer] Received 'hi-158' ..
Mnesia(rabbit at NODEA): Logging mnesia_down rabbit at NODEB
Mnesia(rabbit at NODEA): Got mnesia_down from rabbit at NODEB, reconfiguring...

# At this point the message delivery to the consumer becomes very slow.

 [x][DefaultConsumer] Received 'hi-159' ..
 [x][DefaultConsumer] Received 'hi-160' ..


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