[rabbitmq-discuss] Silent crashes, and "killed by ABRT signal"

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Dec 4 10:00:08 GMT 2013

Hi Carl,

On 04/12/13 09:44, carlhoerberg wrote:
> No, can't replicate it, and nothing in the system logs either (syslog or
> dmesg). 

In that case keep a log of when this happens and check whether it
correlates with any other events in your environment. Please get back in
touch when more information becomes available.

> How would I do that? As I understand, strace only trace which signals are
> received, not who issued them. 

I'm afraid you will have to refer to your OS documentation or support
channels for information on debugging signals. It is possible to
determine signal sources on Solaris, and it may be possible on your OS too.


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