[rabbitmq-discuss] Silent crashes, and "killed by ABRT signal"

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Dec 4 09:18:26 GMT 2013

Hi Carl,

On 04/12/13 09:01, carlhoerberg wrote:
> Have a cluster where nodes often crash without any warning, and leaves no
> logs, but a erl_crash.dump. Would that be interesting for you to analyze? 

We would be interested in helping you solve the problem. There should be
no reason for spontaneous crashes. The erl_crash.dump file is seldom
useful - what is the slogan? Was anything logged by the OS? Can you
replicate the problem or guide us to replicate the problem?

> In other cases I see "killed by ABRT signal" in syslog and no erl_crash.dump
> or signs in the logs. Any idea what can cause that?

Presumably the Erlang VM received an abort signal. Turn on tracing of
signals to find the source of the signal.


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