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Mon Dec 2 23:17:27 GMT 2013


Need to understand the meaning of each of the parameters below  that are
provided by rabbitmqadmin

|        name         | backing_queue_status.avg_ingress_rate |
messages_details.rate | backing_queue_status.avg_egress_rate | consumers |
exclusive_consumer_tag | messages | messages_ready |
messages_ready_details.rate | messages_unacknowledged |
messages_unacknowledged_details.rate |
backing_queue_status.avg_ack_egress_rate |
backing_queue_status.avg_ack_ingress_rate |
backing_queue_status.avg_egress_rate |
backing_queue_status.avg_ingress_rate | backing_queue_status.delta |
backing_queue_status.len | backing_queue_status.next_seq_id |
backing_queue_status.persistent_count | backing_queue_status.q1 |
backing_queue_status.q2 | backing_queue_status.q3 | backing_queue_status.q4
| backing_queue_status.ram_ack_count | backing_queue_status.ram_msg_count |
messages | memory |


messages: is it the current number of messages in the queue

memory: is it the current amount of memory in use by the queue (does it not
account for messages that have been paged out to disk? we see that memory
decreases even if messages have not been consumed. Does it page out to disk
even if messages are not set to persistent? When does it page out to disk?)

How do we identify how much memory+disk space messages in a certain queue
are consuming?

When consumers are active and messages are flowing in/out of the queue
almost instantaneously how can we tell how many messages have gone through
the queue. IE number of messages through a certain queue since Rabbit was
started or number of messages through a queue in the last 10minutes or such?

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