[rabbitmq-discuss] Policy for dead letter exchange routing back to queue

Nicholas Stuart nicholasastuart at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 17:57:29 GMT 2013

I forgot that detail in my question. I want a count of how many times it 
has been requeued/failed. x-death provides this to me, but if I set 
requeue=true, I don't get any details like that. 

On Monday, December 2, 2013 10:25:31 AM UTC-6, Brian Reischl wrote:
> If you're just trying to put the message back on the queue, then why not 
> Reject with Requeue=true instead of using dead letter exchanges? 
> On Wednesday, November 27, 2013 8:25:57 AM UTC-7, Nicholas Stuart wrote:
>> I've successfully set up a dead letter exchange policy where the 
>> dead-letter-exchange is blank, which will return the message to the 
>> original queue. However this only happens if the message was published to 
>> the default exchange, or with a routing key of the queue name.
>> If I set up a fanout or topic exchange, my message is dropped(rightfully 
>> so). Is there any way, in the RabbitMQ policy, that I can specify a routing 
>> key policy that will always point back to the queue the message was 
>> consumed off of?
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