[rabbitmq-discuss] pika 0.9.6 Released

Gavin M. Roy gmr at meetme.com
Tue Oct 30 02:43:51 GMT 2012

After way too much time and way too many patches, I've tagged and pika
0.9.6 and pushed it to pypi. pika 0.9.6 has had over 700 commits from 37
contributors and has significant fixes and improvements since 0.9.5. I'd
like to thank all the contributors who helped get it here and apologize for
the long delay in release. Due to the size of the change, I expect there
may be incompatibilities with 0.9.5, so I advise testing with your code
prior to updating production applications.

New features and highlights:

  - Delivery confirmation support
  - New URLParameters class for connecting with AMQP URLs
  - BlockingConnection will raise exceptions for various events, such as
channel and connection closures.
  - New BlockingConnection methods:
    - process_data_events() - Force BlockingConnection to check for pending
events from RabbitMQ
    - sleep() - Sleep without blocking communication with RabbitMQ
  - New BlockingChannel methods:
    - start_consuming()
    - stop_consuming()
  - Back-pressure detection is now optional via a connection parameter
  - Configurable IOLoop stopping on asynchronous adapters
  - Rewritten unit test coverage from the ground up. While not complete, it
is a significant improvement over previous releases.

Major bugfix areas:

  - Connection handling
  - Blocking functionality in the BlockingConnection
  - SSL
  - UTF-8 Handling

Things removed:

  - pika.reconnection_strategies
  - pika.channel.ChannelTransport
  - pika.log
  - pika.template
  - examples directory, adding examples to documentation instead.
  - functional tests

Pika's documentation has moved to http://pika.readthedocs.org and can be
installed via pip or easy_install.

On pika's future: 0.9.7 is underway and will add back the contributed
Twisted adapter and add a new generator based Basic.Consume method to the
BlockingChannel. In addition, I may extract out pika.spec and the frame
encoding and decoding routines for pamqp (http://github.com/pika/pamqp).
Pika 0.9.7 will hopefully be one of the last 0.9 releases prior to 1.0.

On a side note, in preparation for Python 3 compatibility, I'd like to drop
older versions of Python moving forward. If you're using Pika with anything
below Python 2.6, please respond to me off list or on the Pika list at
pika-python at googlegroups.com.

Bugs can be submitted to https://github.com/pika/pika/issues and while I
may not respond right away, I can be found in #pika on Freenode.


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