[rabbitmq-discuss] How messages are processed

chetan dev dev440 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 07:36:18 GMT 2012


1. There are two console app for consumption of messages in a queue
2. there are currently two messages in queue
3. now i run console app1 it takes out message1 , then i put it on sleep
mode for 10 secs before sending acknowledgement
4. in the meanwhile before ack for the first message went i run console
app2 .
5. i expected the console app to fetch the second message before the ack
for first message was sent but that did not happen.
instead console app 2 waited for ack of message 1 and then processed
message 2
is there a way in which  i can take out message2 before sending ack for


Cheten  Dev
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