[rabbitmq-discuss] Implementation of EAI Detour Pattern with the JAVA API v2.8.7

Chikhi Mimoun mimoun.chikhi at gfi.fr
Fri Oct 26 09:14:17 BST 2012


I juste began few days ago on rabbitmq and I need some help.

a part of the project is :

- we have a producer that send a message (sometimes with less data)

- we have a consumer that receive the message but needs all datas.

So, sometimes, after the message sent, we need to make a detour in order to complete the message,

before being re-sent to the consumer.

It's a kind of content-based routing.

I found a pattern that matches with this case : the Detour Pattern.

Is it possible to implement this with the current rabbitmq java API and how ?


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