[rabbitmq-discuss] the meaning of prefetch ?

D调的#暖冬 oldhomelh at foxmail.com
Tue Oct 23 00:43:38 BST 2012


as far as i know,prefetch means the amount of  messages that cosumer request mq server  once  can get。but I still have some questions as follows 1. In offical website ,it describe that :" it is useful to be able to specify how many messages each consumer can be sent at once before sending the next acknowledgement" . when we first request the server, we can get the amount which  defined by prefetch of messages  into my client buffere pool,then my application will process it,if it can be successfully processed ,the client need send a ACK back to the server, to notice server that the message can be delete.Next,I doubt that whether the server will re-send  some new messages to client?  and  the amount  equals the  value of the prefetch or not  ?
2.when the prefetch  define  will has  effect on my application?
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