[rabbitmq-discuss] Adding slave for mirrored queue

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On 22 Oct 2012, at 14:47, Artsiom <u2.storm at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all.
> Let me ask question regarding mirrored queues.
> I have a cluster of 8 nodes(node01, node02, node03 ... and etc.). The queue is                             declared as HA with following params:
> x-ha-policy: nodes
> x-ha-policy: rabbit at node01, rabbit at node02, rabbit at node03
> Is it possible to add more slaves for that queue w\o deleting and redeclaring.

In the current version of rabbit no. In the next feature release 3.0 yes, because ha is controlled by policy rather than at queue declaration time and can be changed at runtime. Check out next.rabbitmq.com for more info.

> If possible, what side-effects are expected?
> Will other consumers be able to continue receive messages from that queue or they'll                                                           get cancellation consumer notification?
> I don't want all nodes to be mirrors of that queue (it generates too much network traffic).
> P.S. Does rabbitmq-c support consumer cancellation notification feature?
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> Artsiom
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