[rabbitmq-discuss] Nightlies now available - help us test RabbitMQ 3.0

Brendan Hay brendan at soundcloud.com
Fri Oct 19 20:54:18 BST 2012

That's great news, Simon. The policy configuration for mirrored queues and
federation is exactly what I need!

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 1:04 PM, Simon MacMullen <simon at rabbitmq.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone! We've just put in place a nightly build system for the
> RabbitMQ server and clients. You can download nightlies from
> http://www.rabbitmq.com/**nightly-builds.html<http://www.rabbitmq.com/nightly-builds.html>
> We've also put documentation for what will be the next version of RabbitMQ
> at http://next.rabbitmq.com/**documentation.html<http://next.rabbitmq.com/documentation.html>
> .
> We're evolving towards a model where we have feature releases every few
> months, with bugfix releases in between. It's possible there will be a
> 2.8.8 bugfix release, but that's not what the current nightlies are - they
> represent what will be RabbitMQ 3.0.
> So with some caveats in place:
>  * Obviously we do not suggest running nightlies on production systems.
>  * We don't always guarantee upgrades from one nightly to another will
>    work - you may have to reset everything and start again sometimes.
>  * You would also have to reset everything and start again to revert to
>    a stable release from a nightly.
> ...I'd invite you to have a look at what's coming, and tell use what you
> think.
> I'm going to write more on the subject as we get closer to the release,
> but some of the major new features include:
>  * HA queues are configured dynamically by a new policy mechanism,
>    rather than by declaring them with "x-ha-policy". HA-ness
>    can be changed at any time. HA queues are also much faster.
>  * Federated exchanges are now normal exchanges, with federation
>    similarly configured dynamically by policy. The "x-federation"
>    exchange type is no more.
>  * Clustering commands in rabbitmqctl have been rewritten to make
>    clustering easier and more robust.
>  * Web-STOMP and MQTT plugins are included.
>  * Lots of other smaller new features and bug fixes.
> The network protocol hasn't changed; you can run 2.x clients against 3.x
> server and vice versa.
> So please try it out, and talk to us!
> Cheers, Simon
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