[rabbitmq-discuss] Web Management Plugin Sluggishness

Dave Seltzer dseltzer at tveyes.com
Fri Oct 19 19:25:51 BST 2012

Running that script produces this:

[{490415,{rabbit at queue01,os_pid}},
 {7465,{rabbit at queue02,os_pid}},
 {470,{rabbit at queue01,mem_ets}},
 {912,{rabbit at queue02,mem_ets}},
 {249,{rabbit at queue01,mem_binary}},
 {584,{rabbit at queue02,mem_binary}},
 {173,{rabbit at queue01,mem_proc}},
 {660,{rabbit at queue02,mem_proc}},
 {172,{rabbit at queue01,mem_proc_used}},
 {555,{rabbit at queue02,mem_proc_used}},
 {144,{rabbit at queue01,mem_atom}},
 {1066,{rabbit at queue02,mem_atom}},
 {256,{rabbit at queue01,mem_atom_used}},
 {716,{rabbit at queue02,mem_atom_used}},
 {178,{rabbit at queue01,mem_code}},
 {474,{rabbit at queue02,mem_code}},
 {62,{rabbit at queue01,fd_used}},
 {422,{rabbit at queue02,fd_used}},
 {62,{rabbit at queue01,fd_total}},
 {437,{rabbit at queue02,fd_total}},
 {76,{rabbit at queue01,sockets_used}},
 {446,{rabbit at queue02,sockets_used}},
 {78,{rabbit at queue01,sockets_total}},
 {678,{rabbit at queue02,sockets_total}},
 {181,{rabbit at queue01,mem_used}},
 {1126,{rabbit at queue02,mem_used}},
 {71,{rabbit at queue01,mem_limit}},
 {7747,{rabbit at queue02,mem_limit}},
 {94,{rabbit at queue01,mem_alarm}},
 {636,{rabbit at queue02,mem_alarm}},
 {87,{rabbit at queue01,disk_free_limit}},
 {588,{rabbit at queue02,disk_free_limit}},
 {1152028,{rabbit at queue01,disk_free}},
 {1694075,{rabbit at queue02,disk_free}},
 {635870,{rabbit at queue01,disk_free_alarm}},
 {310155,{rabbit at queue02,disk_free_alarm}},
 {999554,{rabbit at queue01,proc_used}},
 {823,{rabbit at queue02,proc_used}},
 {1286885,{rabbit at queue01,proc_total}},
 {27490,{rabbit at queue02,proc_total}},
 {1207,{rabbit at queue01,statistics_level}},
 {960135,{rabbit at queue02,statistics_level}},
 {70,{rabbit at queue01,erlang_version}},
 {956790,{rabbit at queue02,erlang_version}},
 {47244,{rabbit at queue01,uptime}},
 {2882,{rabbit at queue02,uptime}},
 {949552,{rabbit at queue01,run_queue}},
 {93713,{rabbit at queue02,run_queue}},
 {974491,{rabbit at queue01,processors}},
 {789,{rabbit at queue02,processors}},
 {99,{rabbit at queue01,exchange_types}},
 {938,{rabbit at queue02,exchange_types}},
 {87,{rabbit at queue01,auth_mechanisms}},
 {428,{rabbit at queue02,auth_mechanisms}},
 {153,{rabbit at queue01,applications}},
 {585,{rabbit at queue02,applications}}]

Seems like the big values are:
{490415,{rabbit at queue01,os_pid}}
{1152028,{rabbit at queue01,disk_free}}
{1694075,{rabbit at queue02,disk_free}}
{635870,{rabbit at queue01,disk_free_alarm}}
{310155,{rabbit at queue02,disk_free_alarm}}
{1286885,{rabbit at queue01,proc_total}}
{960135,{rabbit at queue02,statistics_level}}
{956790,{rabbit at queue02,erlang_version}}
{949552,{rabbit at queue01,run_queue}}
{93713,{rabbit at queue02,run_queue}}
{974491,{rabbit at queue01,processors}}

The worst offenders are DiskFree on both servers and proc_total on queue01.

I'm not sure what I should be l looking for here.

Again! Thanks so much for your help!


On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 12:58 PM, Simon MacMullen <simon at rabbitmq.com>wrote:

> On 19/10/12 17:51, Dave Seltzer wrote:
>> In terms of looking for the cause of the slowness is this usually
>> related to DiskIO, or am I looking at a CPU issue.
> Depends on what's slow!
> Let's iterate again:
> rabbitmqctl eval '[timer:tc(fun () -> rabbit_mgmt_external_stats:**info(N,
> [K]), {N, K} end) || K <- [os_pid,mem_ets,mem_binary,**
> mem_proc,mem_proc_used,mem_**atom,mem_atom_used,mem_code,**
> fd_used,fd_total,sockets_used,**sockets_total,mem_used,mem_**
> limit,mem_alarm,disk_free_**limit,disk_free,disk_free_**
> alarm,proc_used,proc_total,**statistics_level,erlang_**
> version,uptime,run_queue,**processors,exchange_types,**auth_mechanisms,applications],
> N <- [rabbit at queue01,rabbit at queue02**]].'
> This will provide a time for each individual info item.
> Cheers, Simon
> --
> Simon MacMullen
> RabbitMQ, VMware

Dave Seltzer <dseltzer at tveyes.com>
Chief Systems Architect
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