[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbbitMQ and Biztalk Port

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Oct 19 16:13:35 BST 2012

On 16/10/12 15:48, saibabu maddineni wrote:
> if you can give clear informaton that would be great help.

There is no indication in the original article about what additional
steps might be required or what the potential obstacles might be. I
suggest you employ a process of elimination to verify that all of the
individual components of your system are working. E.g. confirm that the
RabbitMQ WCF tests pass and check that BizTalk works with another
provider. Then join the components once you are happy that they all work
individually. If you experience any problem with the RabbitMQ WCF
binding during verification then please let us know.

If you are still stuck after this point and no-one else on the list can
provide assistance then you should consider making use of the BizTalk
support channels.


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