[rabbitmq-discuss] the cost of creating a queue?

Alex Shneyderman a.shneyderman at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 10:02:51 BST 2012

Hi, all!

I am curious if there are any numbers available on what amount of
resources does it take to create a queue? It is a clustered env. Most
of the queues are mirrored (durable and non).

The design of the system I have in mind is that I create one (maybe
two) queue per instance (each instance has 5 consumers and one
publisher and they all live on two connections to rabbit one for
publisher and one for consumers) that is part of the system. There are
up-to 100 instances ATM and that number might grow in the future. So,
there are about 100-200 queues that get created and need to be kept up
by Rabbit. I am curious if there is any estimate on how much RAM per
queue is required? Disk space? Any gotchas in the design you see right
from its description :-) ?

Rabbit 2.8.6 running on EC2.


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