[rabbitmq-discuss] Messages disappearing from RMQ v2.8.4

Kuldeep Jasani Kuldeep.Jasani at necindia.in
Tue Oct 16 00:46:56 BST 2012

Dear All,


I would sound naive, but please forgive me. This is my first post to
this community; I appreciate all hardwork and effort you all have put to
make this MQ a great success!


I have following Query:-

1. Are there specific changes to 2.7.1 build as compared to 2.8.4
version for RHEL x64 distribution which anticipates message loss from

2. Is implementation from MQ API any different from 2.4.2 => 2.7.1 =>
2.8.4 will any specific implementation cause such instance?


I believe and have seen RMQ  being the best MQ around; Thanks for being




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