[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ as messaging hub between .Net and JMS based services

Sandeep Aggarwal aggarwalsandeep at optonline.net
Sun Oct 14 07:39:30 BST 2012

Hi - 

I'm trying to implement RabbitMQ as the core messaging hub to be used in my 
company in the following configuration. Has someone used Rabbit this way 
(or something similar)? Please share your experiences. 

1. Install RabbitMQ broker in the intranet zone for all internal apps. All 
internal apps use Windows, IIS, .Net stack. We can use the .Net client for 
RabbitMQ and have done some proof-of-concept testing and seems to be 
working fine. 
2. Install RabbitMQ in the DMZ zone for the external apps such as customer 
facing web portal (WebLogic, JSF, Oracle) and another vendor app (JBoss, 
Linux and Oracle). 
3. Both of these brokers need to be working in high-availability (HA in 
active/active) mode.

The problem is that the new vendor app that we are trying to plug in here 
(under external apps) provides MQ features using JMS. But since this is a 
vendor app, we don't have access to the source code and we cannot make 
changes to start using rabbitMQ's Java client for this app. I need to use 
some JMS compliant messaging provider for this app. For instance, I can use 
JBoss MQ or otherwise buy IBM MQ (which could always be done technically 
but it's cost prohibitive for us for now).

I'm trying to figure out if I can use RabbitMQ as a JMS provider? If I can 
do so in a production environment, then we can keep RabbitMQ as the core 
messaging backbone for the firm without having to use a different JMS 
provider. Please share if someone has run into something similar.  

Thx in advance...

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