[rabbitmq-discuss] protecting the cluster from large messages

Mark Ward ward.mark at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 06:35:37 BST 2012


Does RabbitMQ have a feature to discard a message before saving it to a 
queue and mirroring the message if it is greater than a specific/customized 
size?  I am thinking a message size check would prevent a cluster crash 
because a client sent messages to big to process and mirror.  

If so how would I go about setting this up?

I have not found enough information if the frame size is something I can 


p.s. I am asking because in my test cluster I can reliably destroy my 
cluster in a negative way with messages that surpass memory resources.  I 
have learned to use the watermark to help manage acceptable large messages 
but the high watermark has not helped to prevent the receipt of 
a destructively large messages.
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