[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbbitMQ and Biztalk Port

saibabu maddineni saibabu.maddineni at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 22:18:24 BST 2012



I followed above link to configure rabbmitmq in Biztalk, but nothing 

I am trying implement RabbitMQ using Biztalk. My requirement is send 
message to Que and receiving message from Que. I already setup rabbitmq in 
Biztalk with the help of article. When I drop the message in biztalk side 
its not failing but in Que I don’t see any messages.

Can you please specify the what needs to be done for this. Below are the 
settings I am using, Mytest que is predefine Q. do I need to specify any 
thing on that action section and section is binding section please suggest.
please see the Biztalk configure attachment, please suggest how to use 
RabbitMQ in Biztalk while receving and sending message from and to.

Appreciate for early response.


I am stuck on the middle please help me on this issue.
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