[rabbitmq-discuss] Reg: Total Transfers

Ramachandrarao, K [ SGGI - IT ] Ramachandrarao.K at saint-gobain.com
Thu Oct 11 15:25:34 BST 2012

Dear Team,


We are new to RabbitMQ. We are using the Version 2.8.4 and the Client is
Python 2.7 


Could anybody help us on the Following points.


1.       How to check the total messages transferred via Exchange or a
Queue for a Period. 

a.       Ex. Today  there is X number of Message are published and X
numbers are received (Message transfer statistics)

2.       How to configure the Flow Control, and Charts in RabbitMQ.

3.       How to add  a new tracing log automatically.


Thanks and Regards


Ramachandra Rao K

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