[rabbitmq-discuss] Consumer group

kishore g g.kishore at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 18:28:05 BST 2012


I am writing this email to get feedback about a rabbitmq consumer
group. We developed this recipe using Helix, a generic cluster
management system which we open sourced yesterday. In order to
demonstrate the ease of developing applications with Helix, we chose
to write a rabbitmq-consumer-group.

You can find more info about that here


It would be great if you can provide feedback about this app.

Thanks for your time.

Kishore G

Additional info about Helix.
Home Page: http://linkedin.github.com/helix/
Github source: https://github.com/linkedin/helix
Documentation: https://github.com/linkedin/helix/wiki
Javadocs: http://linkedin.github.com/helix/apidocs/

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