[rabbitmq-discuss] Problem installing rabbitmq-server on ubuntu

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Oct 10 11:26:18 BST 2012


On 09/10/12 21:36, Shang Wang wrote:

> ["inet_tcp",{{badmatch,{error,etimedout}},
> {reason,{'EXIT',nodistribution}},

You are right to check hostnames and DNS. If you have a firewall
installed temporarily disable it. It may be too strict.

Make sure epmd can run. Does "epmd -names" return anything? You may also
want to stop epmd if it was running ("epmd -kill") and run it in debug
mode in a separate terminal: "epmd -debug". If there are any problem
binding to the default interface then the output should point that out.

If that is working then next try "erl -sname testnode". This should
succeed and present you with a prompt. Enter "node()." at the prompt to
confirm what Erlang thinks the nodename is.

If that all works then the broker should start up.


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